I’m bianca roberts

Mom, Entrepreneur, and Funny Lady

My background is in real estate but my deepest passion is social media marketing and the work-from-anywhere lifestyle.

I’m a mom, attraction marketing expert, Texas apartment locator, and goofy lady who loves to make people laugh.



I got you! If you’re pressed for time and tired of wasting money on application fees only to be turned down, let me help you! I can save you time and money. My apartment locating service is FREE!

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 Need Help Building Your Real Estate Business Online or Are You Interested in an Apartment Locator Career?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of information available online? Are you confused about what to do to grow your business on the INTERNET?

Is it hard to know who to trust? Maybe you already know you should be showing up online but you’re not sure “how” to show up or what to post to build your business.

You just want to know what you can do TODAY to grow your business without spending all day and night on social media, right?

I got you! I’ve spent thousands of dollars online and there are a lot of scams out there BUT a lot of valuable information too. Does it take some work to get going in the right direction?


But it doesn’t mean you can’t do this!


Would you like to know how you can become an apartment locator?DO YOU 

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About Me

It’s not really about me, but you.

I’m a multi-passionate entrepreneur obsessed with online business. I started my first blog in 2004 and have been creating mini-brands online ever since.

I failed miserably for a long time until someone introduced me to attraction marketing. Once I started generating leads and sales in my sleep, I was hooked. So I decided to help other entrepreneurs do the same.


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