Posted on: Nov 22, 2020
10 Social Media Posts to Get Sales That Don’t Make You Feel Sleazy
10 Social Media Posts to Get More Sales

Remember when social media was used for posting a picture of your morning breakfast? Sigh, those were the good ole days! LOL!

But since the early days of social media, now it seems like everybody wants you to enroll in their program or buy their “merch” that they just dropped. It’s hard to be found and stand out above the noise. And I know you want some ideas about how to sell without feeling like you need to take a shower afterward.

How do I know? Well, because I’m a professional internet marketer and a version of this blog post is one of my most popular freebies that I give away. More people have opted in to get my Top 7 Social Media Posts to Get More Sales than any other freebie I offer. 

The original goal and priority to this day for the owners of social media platforms is to have people hanging out and being “social” with each other. That’s the first goal AND not for users to be sold something. However, if you do it in a way that your posts have an objective without screaming BUY ME you’ll have much more success.

  1. Lifestyle Posts

Purpose: To allow people to get to know, like, and trust you. 

Either you’re in the camp that doesn’t want to show yourself or you’re annoying with the number of pictures you post. Personally I feel that there should be a happy medium. Of course if you’re selling makeup or hair products, I understand you’ll probably have more photos of your beautiful face than “the rest of us” on social media.

BUT please believe, folks that hide in the shadows seem shady! Hiding behind a logo and never letting anyone see you defeats the purpose of social media. People buy from people they like or feel like they know and trust.

Take us behind the scenes where you’re mixing your products or show your significant other helping you put labels on your products. Let us see that you’re human.

  1. Value Posts

Purpose: Where you TEACH something your audience wants to learn about to build authority.

Before you roll your eyes, I know “value” is such a loaded word. But think about what your audience wants to know about. If you find yourself googling something, make a post about it. Chances are, someone from your audience would find it helpful.

This blog post is informational and provides value for my audience of entrepreneurs who want to use social media to make sales.

3. Quote Posts

Purpose: To INSPIRE! 

But, go easy with these posts. Make them original! And don’t use them as an excuse to hide, because you want people to feel connected to you. I follow a guy on instagram who just passed the 75k follower mark from building a quote page as his main offering.

However he sells merchandise too and is slowly hinting at publishing a book soon. It worked for him to make inspiration his goal because who doesn’t need some inspiration nowadays?

4. Entertainment Posts

Purpose: To make people laugh or feel good.

I took this to the extreme in my own life. I love to make people laugh and I have a cautionary tale right HERE that outlines what happened to me. But for the most part, people love to be entertained. If you just so happen to have something for sale, most likely people will fall down the internet rabbit hole while on your page and buy something just because they’re on your page.

This is one of the reasons so many people try to dance, shimmy and shake their ways to going “viral” by being funny or making a fool of themselves. Don’t worry if you’re not funny, you can always share something you find funny and brighten everyone’s day.

5. Story Posts

Purpose: To tell YOUR story! This is designed to gently promote a product, your biz opp, your coaching OR to simply create relatability.

One of my favorite types of posts, next to the entertainment posts, are story posts. I love to tell stories and one of the things my internet homies compliment me on is how transparent I am. They of course wouldn’t know this if it wasn’t for my stories. 

This post announcing the relaunch of my website back in April was one of the posts that had the highest engagement of anything I’ve posted on my personal page. This post had over 400 comments on it when I posted it to my personal page. This leads me to the next type of post…

6. Engagement Posts

Purpose: To get the algorithm to show your posts to MORE people and it often helps open the door to more conversations.

The thing about engagement posts is that they’re highly effective if you plan your purpose beforehand. I was somewhat of a master at this when I had my huge meme page. I was intentional about what I would post and I would predict which of my posts would get the most reactions from people. It became a game to me to get people engaging with my content. But like I said, that account was shut down for reasons I won’t go into on this post. (Again, you can read about that account here)

7. Social Proof/Results Posts

Purpose: To prove to your audience that you’re serious about your business and getting results!

Most people who are in direct sales or mlm(multi-level marketing) are masters at this. But there’s only so many times someone wants to see a person in baggy clothes showing weight loss. And for the most part, people don’t want to know how much money you made unless you’re giving them some.

I caution the use of these types of posts unless you have a genuine motive behind it. One of my favorite marketers just recently put up a post about crossing 6 figures with her coaching business and it was truly inspiring, and not an obnoxious brag post.

8. Business Opportunity/ Curiosity Posts

Purpose: Designed to make people ask you about your business opportunity.

Here’s the thing, people are curious by nature. Instead of blasting the name of your company and telling them to join you, thank someone on your team for making moves or being promoted. Give a shout out to the newest member of the team without naming the business opportunity. Chances are someone who is in the same business opportunity is yelling the name of the company from the rooftops and annoying everyone on social media in the process.

Think outside the box especially if you’re in direct sales and want someone to inquire about your business opportunity. Be different, be unique.

9. Product Curiosity Posts

Purpose: Designed to make people ask you about your products.

When someone does this right, it’s masterful to see. The ladies in the beauty industry on Youtube do this with precision. The people who are in direct sales or mlm could benefit from a lesson on how this is done.

Women who sell hair products and makeup simply post the products on themselves and naturally people want to know the brand and where to purchase. You can do this with affiliate products and never feel like you’re trying to cram something down someone’s throat.

As a matter of fact I’m always having people ask me about my lipstick shades and I’m considering becoming an affiliate of a lipstick company.

10. Facebook Lives

Purpose: To get people to know, like and trust you.

There’s no quicker way for people to get to know you than when you go LIVE. BUT I understand if the thought of this makes you want to puke. I was like that at first and then it got a little easier.

Check out one of my LIVES where I explained why I quit selling real estate right HERE.

Overall, these are things I do and they’re a long term strategy for your marketing efforts. But what if you want to go faster and skip to the head of the line.

I recommend that you start advertising.


Written by:Bianca Roberts

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