Posted on: Dec 31, 2020
3 Marketing Mistakes We Are Leaving in 2020

This post is especially for all my multi-level marketing peeps out there. I’m going to make some people mad with this post but I can laugh at these mistakes now because I used to do them. I didn’t know that marketing online required some different skills than simply yelling into the void. After I learned the right way to market online it made me feel so much better.

You see, if you’ve had any level of success in other businesses, offline and then you come online and crash and burn, it can affect your ego. But once you realize that online marketing takes a different set of skills, you won’t beat yourself up for not knowing how to do it. This approach right HERE, turned everything around for me.

The “Long intro after becoming friends with someone” Post

Think about it, you wouldn’t do this in real life. I get it, you might think if you could power through a bunch of people in one day; most likely you would get someone interested in chatting with you. But real connections aren’t made like this AND who wants to copy and paste messages like this all day long?

The “Who wants to make 5k this month?” Post

Appealing to the lowest denominator (making money) will only attract the wrong people to you. They’ll take the bait and contact you but most likely after you share what you’re doing with them, they won’t want to build a business. As a matter of fact, after they DON’T make the 5k you promised them within 2 weeks, they’ll quit and move on to the next thing. Again, I can laugh at this now because I used to do this too.

The “Hey Sis, Will you post my business on your wall?” Post

This one irks me the most! Back “in my day” this one wasn’t created. I admire the folks who came up with this one. This is like asking Burger King if you can hang your McDonald’s posters in their lobby? Real businesses don’t operate this way and neither should you. Yes, you might ask your kid or friend to hand out flyers for your business, but this is a surefire way to have your friends and family cringe whenever they see a message pop up from you.

Bonus tip:Don’t let others take over your Facebook wall

Go into your Facebook Settings.

Select Profile & Tagging.

Under Reviewing, make sure it’s turned to ON where it says; Review posts you’re tagged in before the post appears on your profile.

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Written by:Bianca Roberts

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