Posted on: Nov 8, 2020
4 Reasons Why Facebook & Instagram Ads Are Powerful

Are You Struggling to Get Consistent Leads for Your Business?

Social media is a powerful tool for solopreneurs. But far too many of us spend time trying to capture followers that don’t actually equal sales.

I grew a meme page on Instagram to 115,000 followers and then Instagram shut the page down at the end of 2018. In 2018, it was still possible to grow a following quickly AND organically until the algorithm was changed.

Since the page was shut down, I don’t have anything to show for it because I was too focused on growing my following instead of building a business. Relying only on social media followers isn’t a good strategy for growing a business online. 

Organic traffic is uncontrollable, unreliable, and not scalable. On average less than 5% of your page followers see your content.

So if you have 1,000 followers, typically only 50 people are seeing your posts. That means there are 950 people who have said they’re interested in what you have to offer, but they aren’t seeing your content.

After a few sales from family and friends, (Big momma and n’em will always have your back) you are left riding the hamster wheel again posting for potential sales.  If you’re running a business instead of a hobby, then you’ll want to spend your time and a little bit of money with a system that’s consistent.

Remember when social media was originally for being “social” and not for selling things? My mentor who has earned over a million dollars on ads and spends approximately $20,000 on month, doesn’t even have 18,000 followers on social media combined.

Running ads is the solution to predictable results in your business.

4 Reasons Why Running Facebook & Instagram Ads is a Powerful Way to Grow Your Business

  1. You can follow up with those who have shown an interest in what you have to offer

Thanks in part to something called a Facebook pixel, you can install this code on your website in order to follow up or retarget customers based on their activity on your website.

  1. You are able to reach the right people, and a lot of the right people

The data that Facebook collects has allows you to reach the type of people you want to see your products and services. For example, if you want to target someone based on an event like getting engaged, or a customer who likes a page like Black Enterprise.

  1. Digital ads are typically cheaper than other forms of traditional advertising

Most people incorrectly think spending a few thousand dollars on a billboard is good use of money because of the potential number of people who will see the ad. However, most of those people aren’t going to buy anything from you.

  1. You can tell Facebook & Instagram what you’re trying to accomplish and the system will help you achieve it

If your goal is to generate leads or advertise a special event, you can accomplish this by telling the system what your goal is for your ad campaign.

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Written by:Bianca Roberts

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