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Apartment FAQ’s




How do I book a call with you?
How soon should I contact you before my move?

When you’re approximately 60 days away from moving, schedule a call. Until then you can use my FREE APARTMENT SEARCH tool to browse apartments on your own. I also send apartment specials weekly when you subscribe HERE.

Do you charge a fee for your apartment locating service?

Yes,I charge a non-refundable fee of $40 for a consultation.  Effective December 2021 I no longer offer advice/consultations for FREE. However, my service is still FREE.

This means the work I do to create your list, research the apartments you like, and send you multiple lists after our consultation is FREE. I understand that you can go to other locators who don’t charge for consultations. Please do so if my fee is too much for your budget.

I will send you a customized list of apartments after our consultation. This includes 15 minutes of chat “face to face” going over your wants and needs plus sending you a list within 24 hours after our chat.

What do I need to qualify for an apartment?

Here are some general guidelines:

Most apartments evaluate applications on a case by case basis. But in general you should plan on your gross income being equal to 3 times the monthly rent.

For example if you want to rent an apartment that is $1000 a month, you should make at least $3000 a month. If you don’t make enough income the apartment will not approve your application.

I have apartments in my database that require less than 3 times the rent for income verification but there aren’t that many of them available.

Your credit score should be at least 550. If you’re a first time renter and don’t have credit, you may need a co-signer but I have a list of apartments that accept first time renters.

And you should have verifiable income. Some properties will accept an offer letter if you haven’t started your job yet. In some instances you can pay for your rent several months in advance if you don’t have a job when you apply to secure an approval. And if you need a co-signer you might be able to do that as well.

The best way to find out what you need to qualify for an apartment you like is to book a call with me.

Do you work with issues like prior evictions, broken leases, and other credit challenges?

Yes. But if your broken lease or eviction is less than 1 year old and not paid off, DO NOT book an appointment.

If you have an unpaid balance owed to a property for damage, an eviction, or broken lease that is more than $2500.00 I DO NOT recommend my service.

You will have a hard time getting an apartment to approve you if the balance is NOT PAID and over $2500.00. However, I know a few properties that will accept you with an unpaid balance under $2500.00

Do you only work with people who have issues or need second chance apartments?

No. You do NOT need to have an issue to work with me. If you’re relocating to the Texas area and you simply want to save yourself some time and money on wasted application fees, I’ll send you an apartment list in advance of your move.

Do you offer any incentives for working with you?

Yes. Depending on the apartment you lease, my company will send you a $200 rebate or you may qualify for a FREE MOVE. Ask me about this when you book a call.

If the apartment you lease refuses to pay a referral fee, you will NOT receive a rebate.

I will send you the link to the form to claim your rebate or FREE MOVE once you get approved for your apartment.

Do you locate apartments for any other state beside Texas?

No,I’m only licensed in the state of Texas since 2004.

What areas of Texas do you help locate apartments?

Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio. This includes their surrounding suburbs.

For example Katy is a suburb of Houston and I can find apartments for you there. Just like Irving is a suburb of Dallas and so on.

How are you paid?

Apartment complexes pay me a referral fee for sending clients to them to rent homes. But not all apartment complexes work with locators.

So even if you go to an apartment that doesn’t work with locators and write my name down as the referral, I appreciate the kind gesture.

But I won’t get paid a referral fee if the management company states in their policy that they don’t work with real estate agents.

I also won’t get paid if you don’t write my name on the guest card or application when you apply. If that happens I won’t be able to send you a rebate or give you a FREE MOVE.

Can you help me rent a house?

Yes I have a company that I work with to help clients lease houses or townhomes. They require a minimum 550 credit score and you must prove income equal to 3 times the rent.

You can have a previous broken lease as long as it’s 2 years old or older and a balance of less than $2000.00. And you can “self-show” or tour any of the properties in their network from 8am to 8pm daily without me.

They have homes in: Bryan/College Station, Dallas/Forth Worth, Houston, and San Antonio.

Can you guarantee that I will get approved for my apartment?

No; but as long as you tell me the truth about your situation, I will advise you about how likely I think you will get approved.

There are services that “guarantee” an apartment approval. Those services require a few hundred dollar investment up-front and they add a risk fee to your monthly rent to guarantee an approval. They can do this because they have partnerships with specific apartment communities and act as your co-signer on your lease.

I don’t have any agreements with apartments because I work for you.

Will you go on an apartment tour with me?

No; apartment locating is a high volume business and not like buying a home. I receive 50-100+ inquiries a month and couldn’t work on sending clients apartment lists if I spent hours a day driving around to apartments. 

And I routinely send apartment lists for 5 major metropolitan areas of Texas. It simply isn’t feasible to drive back and forth from each city to escort clients to apartments.

The benefit to you is that you don’t have to wait on me or get my permission to go on a property tour. I only ask that you don’t forget to mention me when they ask you who told you about the property.

Do you work with Air BnB, corporate leases, or short term rentals?

No. Please find another resource. The apartments I work with don’t allow Air BnB or subletting.

Also short term rentals(3 to 6 months) don’t pay me a referral fee as a locator and I’m not a non-profit organization.

What about misdemeanors, felonies & bankruptcies?

These are NOT my specialty but…

If the bankruptcy is open or you’re still going through it, no apartment will accept you.

Most apartments treat felonies and misdemeanors on a case by case basis. This means that depending on the charge they might accept you.

But if the case is under 3 years old, you will most likely have a hard time getting approved. Non violent misdemeanors at least 7 years old are easier to work with.

Felonies under 10 years and/or assault charges are the hardest to get approved.


Do you work with section 8 or housing vouchers?

No, and I don’t have a resource I can direct you to. 

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