Posted on: May 12, 2021
Historic Chase Residence for Sale
Architect John S. Chase Residence for Sale

The purpose of this new series called Mod of the Month is to highlight my favorite type of architecture in the Houston area. This isn’t designed to “sell you” on this home. As a matter of fact, this home sold in 8 days. I simply have an obsession with #midcenturymodern architecture and want to show people #Houston is more than giant cookie cutter homes in the suburbs.

I have an extreme dislike for the “tear down” mentality that Houston seems to favor. It feels like several old homes are marketed by real estate agents for the “lot value” instead of the home itself. We have challenges like flooding that make it easier to simply start over and get rid of everything.

But if we keep tearing down everything old, we won’t have anything historic or interesting left worth saving. I for one, do not want that to be Houston’s future. That isn’t the case with this listing but I had to give my two cents before I get to the details of this home LOL!

I didn’t plan on doing another posting this month but I couldn’t wait another 30 days to highlight this beauty. I was in love with it as soon as I saw this pop up on the MLS. AND the sale of this home is historic.

From the original listing description…
Modern masterpiece designed by renowned architect, John S. Chase as his personal residence. This 4 bedroom 3 bathroom home was originally completed in 1959 and designed as a one story home with central atrium but was later expanded to include a second floor with a wall of windows, additional bedroom and office as his family grew.

Situated on a 16,590 sq. ft cu-de-sac lot, the home’s current floor plan is functional yet still maintains its original sophistication. This grand entertaining space includes 2 designated living areas, dining space as well as a cantilevered staircase that spans the length of the in-ground fountain beneath it.

Natural light pours into this property through various oversized windows. Owned and occupied by the Chase family for more than 60 years, this sale was a rare opportunity to own a piece of architectural history that has been the subject of numerous books, publications and film profiled by the likes of Texas Monthly & the Rice Design Alliance.

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