Posted on: Dec 23, 2020
How Do You Make Money With Pampered Chef?

I was recently invited to a Pampered Chef virtual party on Facebook and that inspired me to write today’s post.

This is definitely the time of year that people make promises to themselves about doing something different and making some additional money in the new year.

I didn’t attend the virtual party (sorry girl) but hopefully we’ll remain friends.

I don’t like to cook and I definitely don’t buy gadgets for my kitchen like I did when I was in my early twenties and married.

I’m the person in the family that everybody asks to bring the drinks to the family function! LOL!

I know many people who could benefit from information about how to build the Pampered Chef business and the best ways to reach the right people through online marketing.

After I share with you a little bit about Pampered Chef I’m going to share a resource with you that will change your business, called Attraction Marketing.(<—Click HERE for the secret to making money with Pampered Chef faster than what’s probably happening for you right now)

What is Pampered Chef?

From their website:

Doris Christopher founded Pampered Chef from the basement of her suburban Chicago home in 1980 with the belief that shared mealtimes have the power to enrich our lives in so many ways. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a $3,000 loan from an insurance policy, Doris had a simple plan to make mealtimes more enjoyable and less of a chore. From the very beginning, Pampered Chef has made that possible through professional-quality kitchen tools, cooking parties that inspire kitchen confidence, and a flexible business opportunity.

How do you earn income with this opportunity?

  1. You and your party guests can earn rewards by making a purchase

Pampered Chef offers a different monthly special for their independent consultants and the guests at their parties for discounts or free products.

The new consultant special for December 2020 is an extra 30 days to earn products and cash rewards.

And you get a new consultant kit credit which means as a host, you can use $25-$50 of your free product rewards toward your new business.

  1. You earn a decent commission on each product sold

You’ll earn 20% commission on your sales right away. The more your business grows, the more commission you can make. Consultants can earn up to 27% commission. If you decide to build a team, you can earn up to an additional 3% commission on your team’s sales

  1. You can earn free or discounted products

As a consultant, you can buy products any time at a 20%–40% discount based on your title, and you’ll be able to get the newest products for 50% off. When you submit sales each month, you’re also earning monthly rewards like free products or Pampered Chef logo gear.

But to enjoy the perks of being a consultant you must submit at least $150 in personal sales every month.

Here are some benefits of this business opportunity:

  1. You don’t have to sell the products in person

Back in the day, you had to invite guests over to see opportunities like this in person. You can still demonstrate, share recipes, and cooking demonstrations all online. Hosting Facebook parties like the one I was invited to is a good approach.

  1. You don’t need to know how to cook

Obviously it would be helpful that you know how to use the tools offered by Pampered Chef, but product information cards come with your starter kit. Remember, Julia Child? She didn’t start cooking until later in life and Pampered Chef could be the thing that makes you get in the kitchen.

  1. You don’t need a huge inventory to get started

When you buy your starter kit after joining Pampered Chef, there isn’t the same pressure to buy a lot of inventory like there is with other MLM opportunities. Your job is to sell customers on how well the products perform based on how you demonstrate them. Your customers order through you and the company ships them.

  1. You choose how many hours you want to work your Pampered Chef business

You’re an independent contractor and can work the business around the other responsibilities in your life. It’s up to you to decide how many hours you need to work to meet your sales goals. Who knows? You could earn enough money to go on vacation or pay off some significant debt.

The reason why many consultants won’t make the income they were expecting and probably quit:

The Family and Friends Hustle

This is where most people get started with these types of opportunities and there’s nothing wrong with starting there. But your friends and family will soon see you coming and start running away from you. You don’t want to base your income only on your friends and family even though your momma and n’em will support you at first.

Eventually you’ll burn through your relationships and there won’t be anything left.

Social Media Spamming

Then the next thing you’re going to try is to send messages to strangers online with the hope that you’ll catch some sales there too.

Going into groups and chatting people up to present the opportunity is an aggressive approach that I hated to do when I first started in network marketing.

Then I met someone who taught me how to do social media marketing that made me feel good and it changed everything in my business.

Attraction Marketing 

I went from chasing people down and spamming strangers to getting leads and sales in my sleep using something called Attraction Marketing. (<—CLICK THERE for attraction marketing bootcamp)

Once that happened, I was hooked on this new way of marketing because I didn’t have to chase people down.

I was no longer running off friends by posting about my business on social media 24/7 and telling them they needed to join too.

I still have friends who remember this time in my life who laugh at how I was during that time.

By learning the secrets of Attraction Marketing you’ll be creating a long term business that will provide you with more customers and new reps than you’ll ever be able to handle.

The great thing about this method is that you can apply it to any business, it doesn’t have to be Pampered Chef.

This is designed to help you learn how attraction marketing works in bite sized chunks to avoid overwhelm.

By building your business with this method, you have no boundaries.

The best part in my opinion is that you can take your business anywhere with an Internet connection.

That’s true freedom!

Once you learn Attraction Marketing your pipeline of customers will grow to thousands and tens of thousands of people from all over the world.

And you’ll never want to do online business any other way.


Written by:Bianca Roberts

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