Hello I’m Bianca —->

I’m the last original Houstonian tongue-outhailing from historic 3rd ward. I’m a mom of 2 teenagers and opened my agency Bianca Roberts + Co in 2020 because I saw a need in the internet space!

I created my first blog in 2004 because I loved writing (still do) and I understood that it was one of my superpowers. I thought putting my writing on the internet would make me “money” and then I learned it doesn’t quite work that way online. I should have spent as much time promoting what I wrote as I did writing.

I started studying internet marketing in 2014 because I had a dream to work for myself from home. I tried everything from freelance blog writing for others, selling beauty supplies, and network marketing aka mlm (multi-level marketing). But I didn’t make my first online sale until I learned about attraction marketing.

From then on, I was hooked on internet marketing because I had proof that it worked after spending many years chasing people and spamming social media. But then my multi-level marketing company closed. AND the next multi-level marketing company I joined closed.

So I left the internet world. Those companies shutting down made me realize I needed to brand myself and NOT a specific company.

My last job was as a new home sales representative for a production builder(aka cookie cutter homes) who closed more than 900 homes a year. At my last assignment I was traveling over 100 miles a day to sit in an office and stare at the walls; hoping someone would wander in my model home and buy a house.

It was commission-only sales and a huge waste of my time. Location, location, location is the name of the game in real estate. And buyers weren’t interested in that location.

Then my mother passed away suddenly September 17th, 2019 AND the Covid pandemic happened a few months later. The pandemic actually made me happy that buyers weren’t coming in to my sales office. But it didn’t make my bank account happy!

After spending over 20 years in corporate America; involved in the sale and closing of over 50 million dollars in real estate, I got tired of spending every night and weekend chasing after commission checks and leaving my teenagers home alone.

God was telling me it was time for something else and I knew my calling was bigger than simply sitting in a builder’s sales office for hours a day.

So I decided to focus on finding a solution for empty sales offices everywhere! LOL! Seriously, the pandemic reminded me to go back to my internet marketing roots.

Thanks to the internet I found myself a mentor who showed me how she earned over $1 million dollars in revenue for her business using Facebook & Instagram advertising.

I knew I could have a bigger impact on the world by helping others grow their businesses and took a leap of faith by founding my company in 2020. Combining my knowledge of attraction marketing and internet advertising, I realized I could help many struggling entrepreneurs.

My mission is to teach real estate agents and network marketers how to generate more quality leads & sales online so you can stop wasting time, have more fun in your marketing and build the business of your dreams.


Bianca Roberts Digital Marketing Consultant

Fun Facts

  • My kids are the best teenagers in the Galaxy
  • The Last Dragon is my favorite movie of all time
  • I’m obsessed with paranormal YouTube videos, HGTV and Chopped
  • I know every episode of A Different World because I’ve watched the series probably 2000 times
  • Tiramisu is my favorite dessert
  • I’m afraid of heights but not flying
  • My aunt is one of the most well known TV journalists in America. (Hint we have the same last name)

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