Hello I’m Bianca —->

I’m the last original Houstonian tongue-outhailing from historic 3rd ward. I’m a mom of 2 teenagers and opened my agency Bianca Roberts + Co in 2020 because I saw a need in the internet space!

I created my first blog in 2004 because I loved writing (still do) and I understood that it was one of my superpowers. I thought putting my writing on the internet would make me “money” and then I learned it doesn’t quite work that way online. I should have spent as much time promoting what I wrote as I did writing.

I started studying internet marketing in 2014 because I had a dream to work for myself from home. I tried everything from freelance blog writing for others, selling beauty supplies, and network marketing aka mlm (multi-level marketing). But I didn’t make my first online sale until I learned about attraction marketing.

From then on, I was hooked on internet marketing because I had proof that it worked after spending many years chasing people and spamming social media. But then my multi-level marketing company closed. AND the next multi-level marketing company I joined closed.

So I left the internet world. Those companies shutting down made me realize I needed to brand myself and NOT a specific company.

Then I created a meme page on Instagram that exploded into 115,000 followers. But at the end of 2018 Instagram shut the page down. Once again I decided to take a break from social media.

My last job was as a new home sales representative for a production builder(aka cookie cutter homes) who closed more than 900 homes a year. At my last assignment I was traveling over 100 miles a day to sit in an office and stare at the walls; hoping someone would wander in my model home and buy a house.

It was commission-only sales and a huge waste of my time. Location, location, location is the name of the game in real estate. And buyers weren’t interested in that location.

So I decided to focus on finding a solution for empty sales offices everywhere! LOL! Seriously, I realized that being able to generate my own leads online is a valuable skill.

I knew I could have a bigger impact on the world by helping others grow their businesses and took a leap of faith by founding my company in 2020. Combining my knowledge of attraction marketing and social media marketing, I realized I could help many struggling entrepreneurs.

My mission is to help real estate agents learn how to generate more quality leads & sales online so you can stop wasting time, have more fun in your marketing, and build the business of your dreams.


Bianca Roberts Digital Marketing Consultant

Fun Facts

  • My kids are the best teenagers in the Galaxy
  • The Last Dragon is my favorite movie of all time
  • I’m obsessed with paranormal YouTube videos, HGTV and Chopped
  • I know every episode of A Different World because I’ve watched the series probably 2000 times
  • Tiramisu is my favorite dessert
  • I’m afraid of heights but not flying
  • My aunt is one of the most well known TV journalists in America. (Hint we have the same last name)

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