Posted on: Dec 6, 2020
Should You Pay to Advertise Your Business On Social Media?


  1. Have you sold it before?

If you haven’t sold your product or service before, then you don’t know if anyone wants to buy it. 

Don’t spend money on ads before you know whether or not your product or service will sell.

This is called beta testing.

Wait to sell it a few times and then run ads if you want to scale your business and increase your results.

  1. What is your goal?

Depending on what your goals are, running ads may not be worth it.

An awareness campaign works really well to introduce you to an audience that doesn’t

know anything about you.

That’s called getting in front of a “cold audience” and basically warming them up.

A goal to increase your email list by offering a free webinar, cheat sheet, or checklist would be a better goal than throwing up an ad asking a cold audience to give you their money.

So if awareness is your goal, first then by all means start running ads.

  1. What is your price point?

If you’re selling a product that costs $5.00 and you need to sell hundreds of those items in order to make a profit, then don’t spend money running ads.

For example, if you spend $5.00 a day running an ad and your net income from the product is $3.00 you’re in the negative.

However, if you’re selling a product for $1500.00 and you spend $150.00 running an ad that gets you 4 sales, you’ve made $5,850.00!

By all means, run an ad for that type of return.

  1. How does your landing page or website convert?

Don’t spend money on an if your website or landing page 

doesn’t convert well.

This means that even if you spend money on ads if your website makes it hard 

for someone to make a purchase or schedule a consultation, then you’re wasting 


Running ads can’t fix a website that’s poorly designed or products that don’t sell.

Running ads can’t fix poor customer service either.

Does this sound like a lot to consider?

Well you’re in luck! I can help you determine if running ads is truly right for you by

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Written by:Bianca Roberts

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