Posted on: Jan 18, 2021
The Number One Thing You Should Focus on in Your Online Business

The Secret to Online business is…(drumroll please)

Grow Your List & Sell to Your List

Benefits of growing a list:

List Building is algorithm proof. When you have an email list, it doesn’t matter what happens to social media when you have email subscribers.

Saves Time. Email services allow you to set up a sequence of emails that are pre-written to warm your audience up and let them find out more about you.

Inexpensive. The email service provider I use is only $19 a month. 

You can test your ideas. If you set up a landing page and drive people to your big idea, if nobody opts in, then you might need to reconsider your big idea before pumping money into it.

Allows you to study your numbers. You can track new subscribers monthly, email open rates, and test subject lines that get more opens. As a business owner you need to track your numbers.

If you’re interested in starting to grow your business and want to give email marketing a try, you should use join the 5 day list building challenge HERE.

By the time you’re finished, you will have your first email newsletter set up.


Written by:Bianca Roberts

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