Posted on: Mar 7, 2021
What Making $25,000 in One Month Taught Me

Many people dream of making more money, but I knew a long time ago that I wouldn’t be able to make more money at a traditional 9 to 5 job. So after I experienced my first layoff from the State of Texas as an unemployment claims adjuster(yes I was laid off from the unemployment office) I decided to go back to school and get my real estate license.

It was always a dream of mine to do work based on my effort so I could get paid more. I knew I could never walk up to my employer and ask them to pay me more just because I “felt like” I was worth more. So I took the real estate exam while I was 8 months pregnant with my son and soon thereafter I became a REALTOR.

But then the reality of being a REALTOR set in. After getting my license I realized that being a REALTOR essentially meant I was my own boss. How great, right? WRONG! Soon after making a few friends at my first brokerage and spending my days going to luncheons I realized that the people who were making the big money and closing sales didn’t have time to go to luncheons all day.

I had already spent money on business cards and magnets with my glamour shot photos on them.(see photo) I mailed those magnets to all my friends and family. Don’t judge me too harshly because this was 15 years ago. LOL! Then I waited for the phone to ring LOL! Well, the phone didn’t ring.

My sister still has this magnet on her refrigerator all these years later and my cell phone number is still the same LOL!

All Businesses Needs Leads and Sales

I knew back then that I needed leads or else I wasn’t going to be able to keep paying my monthly brokerage fees if all I was doing was sitting around taking up space and not doing any business.The next thing I know, I bounced around from broker to broker until I landed at a brokerage who gave their agents leads.

As soon as I partnered with the broker who provided me with leads, I started getting people in cars and closing deals! YAY! But then…I started looking at the amount of money I was taking home and I was flabbergasted. You see, there was a catch. There was a large amount of money taken from my commission checks as compensation for the brokerage giving us leads. 

All my real estate friends told me I was getting robbed and I would make so much more money if I worked for a regular brokerage and generated my own leads. But that’s precisely why I was with that brokerage, I was willing to give up “some commission” in order to have leads fed to me. And my real estate friends weren’t doing the business I was doing so I ignored them. 100% commission multiplied by zero leads still equals zero. Plus I was in love with the software the company provided and had never seen anything like it.

A few months later I started to feel really used by the local buyers. Real estate agents in the area found out about this brokerage with the robust software that allowed clients to request showings immediately; and they used it to their advantage. The brokerage penalized us if we didn’t accept a buyer request for a showing in under 4 hours, even if we had no relationship with the potential buyer.

This meant that agents who worked for traditional brokers started telling their clients to request showings with our brokerage. Then after the buyer “used us” for a showing they went back to their regular agent and bought a house with them. They only used our brokerage/software to get in the door. AND it didn’t help that our brokerage advertised rebates to buyers who signed with our company.

The rebate our brokerage gave made the agents in our area angry and they purposely counseled their buyers not to sign with our brokerage because they would match our rebate. Long story short, this brokerage pissed a lot of people off and eventually their model was dismantled and a traditional brokerage bought them because of their awesome software.

(This also made me realize that being able to generate leads for any business was a highly profitable skill. I won’t go into that on this post.)

Enter New Home Sales 

Here I am receiving an award for new home sales.

I will spare you with the series of other unfortunate events that happened in between. But eventually I found myself back in the corporate world and doing work that I hated. In the back of my mind I was planning my return to real estate sales. One day the opportunity opened up for me to work for a home builder and I leapt at the chance.

I knew if I could be on the other side of real estate and have buyers and real estate agents come to me, I could make much more money. I was so right! I sold millions of dollars worth of new homes and began receiving awards for my sales. I proved to myself that as long as leads were being served to me I could be a success in real estate.

The first month I made $7500.00 in a month I was ecstatic! Then I made $10,000.00 and my biggest month was $25,000.00!! I never made $25,000 working my 9 to 5 jobs and I confirmed to myself that I had selling skills if buyers were provided for me.

What Did I Sacrifice?

But…there’s always a but right? Even though I made $25,000.00 in a month and that was the most I ever made in a month before that time; I sacrificed a lot. I worked every night and every weekend. I missed every family function, and time spent with my kids. AND I had to drive over 2 hours a day to get to the sales office where I was assigned.

So when someone sends me an inbox message on social media telling me how much money I can make with their business opportunity, I DON’T CARE! 

Money is all around and there’s an abundance of money in this world. I can always make more money. I CANNOT get more time. I’m at a stage in my life where I’m more excited about having time with my family and snuggling with my kids on the weekends. I think many people trying to build a business online by messaging people one by one are using money as low hanging fruit. 

What I mean is that unless you’re living off the land, living in the wilderness and killing squirrels for food; you need money. We all need money. So dragging the promise of making a lot of money in front of people will definitely get you noticed. But go deeper. After you entice someone with the promise of making money, if you don’t find out what money means to them you’re going to lose the battle.

Instead of putting up posts asking people who wants to make money, try figuring out what they would do with more money. Help them imagine the life they want to live with the money. If making $6,000 a minute (like some of these inbox messages promise)…means I have to do something like sacrifice time with my kids, it’s not worth it.

My priorities include:

  1. More time with my kids
  2. The Work From Anywhere Lifestyle
  3. Not trading my time for money
  4. The ability to be able to be there for family members if an unexpected expense happens in their lives
  5. Working less than 40 hours a week
  6. Money that covers my day to day expenses while I build residual income

So I turned back to a dream I left on the back burner while chasing money just for the sake of making more money. I decided to go back and examine what I really want from life and that’s building an online business; not selling lotions, potions, and stuff people don’t need because it will make me ‘a lot of money’.

What could I talk about all day without getting bored? Affiliate marketing, internet marketing, branding, email marketing, social media, and analyzing the habits of what the multi-million dollar earners do online.

This system HERE is helping me remember what I originally set out to do when I first dove into internet marketing many years ago. I invite you to come see what I’m talking about.

Comment below and tell me, what would making more money help you accomplish?

And please feel free to share this post with anyone you know who could benefit from what I have to share.


  1. L. Chapman

    Making more money would allow me to become debt free faster, hire another cleaning team for New Orleans location, hire someone to manage my business socials media, buy a home… a few more things but I’m definitely working on getting there

    NOTE: I’m currently working on a new website. It should be live in about a week….

    • Bianca Roberts

      I love your all your goals for making more money! You will get there. Keep pushing and thank you for reading. 😉

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