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i will help you find an investment property

Bianca Roberts Copywriter
  • I specialize in distressed properties in Houston Texas.

  • Licensed real estate agent in Texas since 2004


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"Bianca is simply one word.....a GENIUS!! I have taken other course (in RE) before, but this one by far gives you the most structure in setting up your business. She teaches one of the most important things about structuring a business.....AUTOMATION. You can truly streamline your marketing and lead generation. I'd recommend this to course to any entrepreneur, let alone a RE agent. I am so excited to put out my content and let my systems carry most of the heavy lifting."

X. Yancy, Locator Boss Student & Texas Real Estate Agent

Very helpful! My situation was looking bleak, but Bianca was my bright shining light‼️‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥

R.Johnson, Apartment Locating Client

WOW, I just completed Bianca's course! It had me setting on the end of my seat! I finally found a locator course that was easy to follow, packed with resources that I can start implementing in my business today! She was straight to the point not a lot of fluff! Thank you so much you are a gem many blessing to you always for the time and effort put into this course.

A. Bradley, Locator Boss Student & Texas Real Estate Agent 

Awesome, awesome energy! All positive and just a beautiful spirit. Understood my current circumstances and goes the extra mile. All of this just from a consultation! I can't wait to continue business with Bianca, i'm hopeful for the future and not as discouraged. I feel my transition will be a breeze with her by my side!

A. Bynum, Apartment Locating Client

"I just wanted to say thank you. Because of you this process is finally coming together. Blessings to you for the love you have for helping others. Thank you for answering the calling on your life."

Apartment Locating Client

"I just got the approval today! My search is over! Thank you so much for your help!"

G. Luna, Apartment Locating Client

"A wealth of knowledge and very personable!"

D. Reid, Marketing Client

"I'm so glad we're on the same page. This is so much better than my last experience looking for apartments."

H. Brock, Apartment Locating Client

"I was approved for the 1 bed 1 bath. Thank you again for assisting me locating an apartment. The process was little overwhelming for me to do by myself."

C. Early, Apartment Locating Client

I tried writing you on Tik Tok but I was unable to send you a message ! You found me the best mid rise in Austin. Without you this would have not been possible! You took a 7 year search and ended it in less than 1 month I have nothing but good things to say about you and your service! FYI I had 3 evictions and still was approved."

M. Wright, Apartment Locating Client

" friend and I was approved for one of the apartments on the list you provided us. We sign everything and move in next month THANK YOU!!!"

Apartment Locating Clients

" Hi Bianca afternoon, just wanted to reach out to let you know we got approved and will be moving soon! Thank you so much for all your help...will definitely be referring you...

R. Duke, Apartment Locating Client

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